FS2004 – KC-135T Stratotanker v1.85 Final Release for FS2004. Model build in GMAX, with Pennsylvania Air National Guard textures, reflections, night lighting with PDI lights; completely new flight dynamics; animated  flaps, ailerons, elevators, spoilers, rudder,extendable/Retractable refueling boom, gear with steerable nose wheels, opening crew an cargo doors; separate landing and taxi lights Model, textures and FDE by Rok Dolenec.Includes a custom panel,all custom POP-UP gauges, Com 1/Com2,Nav 1/Nav 2,Altitude Callout,ADF/VOR1,VOR2,Transponder,Autopilot,Fully Functional Throttle Quadrant/Landing Gear Panel, Engine Start Panel, 2D Views. Modifications (March 2015) by Chuck Grimes, Ernie Alston. Original by Chuck Grimes,Arne Bartels,Jean-Pierre Langer,Dai Griffiths,Robert K. Guy,Emil Serafino Jr

Complete aircraft package.

78.5 MB