FSX/FS2004 – AFG YS-11Mid Pacific Air


FSX/FS2004 –  AFG YS-11Mid Pacific Air


Textures by Gary Harper


FS2004 – Boeing 727-200 Lloyd Aereo Boliviano


FS2004 – Boeing 727-200 Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

Complete aircraft package.

6 MB


FS2004 – KC-135T Stratotanker


FS2004 – KC-135T Stratotanker v1.85 Final Release for FS2004. Model build in GMAX, with Pennsylvania Air National Guard textures, reflections, night lighting with PDI lights; completely new flight dynamics; animated  flaps, ailerons, elevators, spoilers, rudder,extendable/Retractable refueling boom, gear with steerable nose wheels, opening crew an cargo doors; separate landing and taxi lights Model, textures and FDE by Rok Dolenec.Includes a custom panel,all custom POP-UP gauges, Com 1/Com2,Nav 1/Nav 2,Altitude Callout,ADF/VOR1,VOR2,Transponder,Autopilot,Fully Functional Throttle Quadrant/Landing Gear Panel, Engine Start Panel, 2D Views. Modifications (March 2015) by Chuck Grimes, Ernie Alston. Original by Chuck Grimes,Arne Bartels,Jean-Pierre Langer,Dai Griffiths,Robert K. Guy,Emil Serafino Jr

Complete aircraft package.

78.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 Boeing B737-200 Philippine Air Force


FSX/FS2004 Boeing B737-200 Philippine Air Force. Model by Erick Cantu.

Repaint by Dominique Gabriel Banaga

Complete aircraft package.

50 MB


FSX – Pilatus PC-12


FSX – Pilatus PC-12. Pilatus aircraft are known for their innovative design, precision engineering, and quality craftmanship. The PC-12 continues this reputation, offering a business aircraft that is Swiss-built and -engineered, and completed with the highest quality materials, finishes, and craftmanship.Integrating a single turboprop engine into an aerodynamically advanced airframe, the Pilatus PC-12 combines excellent economy and reliability with the inherent safety of single-engine turboprop operation. It offers multiple configurations, ranging from executive-level transportation in spacious, pressurized cabin comfort to long-distance delivery of cargo and oversized equipment. The business aircraft also offers some unique special mission capabilites.

Complete aircraft package.

20.5 MB


FS2004 – Airbus A320-200 Air Berlin “Topbonus”


FS2004 – Airbus A320-200 Air Berlin “Topbonus” Registration D-ABFO. Repaint of the Project Airbus A320.

Complete aircraft package.

By Stefan Bree

13.5 MB


FSX – Port Of Spain Scenery


FSX – Port Of Spain Scenery.

Cpmplete scenery package.

By Imo Seon

11 MB


FS2004 – Savoia Marchetti SM82 Bomber


FS2004 – Savoia Marchetti SM82 Bomber. This model is the bomber version of the SM 82 Canguro transport,entered into service with the Regia Aeronautica in June 1940.This model took part in a raid against Manama,Bahrain on 18 October 1940.It took off from Gadurra airfield, Rhodes and after 15.5 hours and 4200 km landed at Zula airbase,Italian East Africa;It is indicated by White rhombus insignias on upper wing surfaces.

Complete aircraft package.

Model, texture, cockpit by F.Giuli. Gauges other authors

9 MB


FSX – DC-10 30 Philippine Airlines


FSX – DC-10 30 Philippine Airlines. Philippine Airlines operated the DC-10-30 starting from 1975 up to 1996. This particular repaint RP-C2114 served Philippine Airlines from November 25, 1980 until May 2, 1996 and was finally transferred to Caledonian Airways as G-GOKT then to JMC Airlines in 2000, before finally ending up with World Airways as N352WL in 2001. The aircraft was finally stored at Greenwood, MS in 2005 and was eventually scrapped.

Requires TOM_DC10.ZIP

By Dominique Gabriel Banaga

8 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Timor-Leste Airports


FSX/FS2004 – Timor-Leste Airports. These are 6 airport afcads Timor-Leste. This scenery is compatible with FS2004 and FSX. Some airports has fictional elevation due to the terrain condition in FS. This scenery using some EZ Scenery/Runway12 Libraries objects and textures, which already included within the installation files.

By Mirza Ratriadi

2 MB


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